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Creating a new website with Martin was a very positive experience.

It has been a flexible and efficient process.


My website radiates the core of the subject.

Martin is spot on with design, colours, photographs and expression.

Lene Stampe Meditation


I can with great enthusiasm recommend Martin for his arts and great acumen.


Our little family had a photo shoot on locations in Copenhagen that I did not know or had even heard of, before Martin

showed us around and did his work.


Following this I decided to engage further and was so pleased to learn that Martin among many interests has a passion for

old cars.

Even better, a passion for old Porsches.

On that note we took a whole day out of the calendar to catch moments, lights and locations.


We took shots at Copenhagen Airport, went to old warehouses, to the harbor front at sunset and much more.


This being said knowing that it is my favorite car, but the outcome was that of a fashion magazine and thus Martin’s homepage and promises to get me a lifelong and outstanding quality show pieces to wall hang was delivered.


Thanks Martin and all the best recommendations I can give.

Karsten Pedersen 



I really fell in love with Martin's night photograph from Paris, having seen it online somewhere and immediately bought one.


It's so evocative.


The whole process was very smooth, he was fantastic to deal with, a complete professionaI.


I´m very confident that his work will appeal to the residential home owners I work with.

Teresa Eggleton  ·  Interior Designer  ·  TME Interiors

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