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I mainly work in Copenhagen and all over Denmark, open to travel globally.


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Over 1000 portraits has been done over the years, among nice people like:


Brett Anderson, Nikolaj Hübbe, Dicte, Peter Beard, Poul-Erik Høyer, Jens Albinus, Carl-Henning Pedersen,


Philip Kaplan, Keith Warner, Matt Johnson, Camilla Martin, Yugi Wang and Jørgen Leth, to name a few.

Selected References   

Activist   The Royal Danish Theatre   New Scientist   Amnesty   Newsweek   Pentagram


Weekendavisen   Lego   Euroman   Alexander Mann Solutions   Gyldendal

Lilienhoff   Swarovski   Scientific American   Harper Collins   Adidas   Hoffmann und Campe

Here is my story

After receiving a degree as certified photographer from Media College Denmark, I moved to New York City.


My dream of living and working in New York City for a while, was reality. Alongside assignments for magazines, I also developed my


fine art photography further and participated in the groupshow: " Life of The City " in Manhattans Museum of Modern Art.


To learn more about the craft and business, I worked as freelance assistant for some outstanding photographers and clients:


Annie Leibovitz: Vanity Fair.


Albert Watson: Yahoo Magazine and Paramount Pictures.


Brigitte Lacombe: Vogue, New York Times Magazine, Time, HBO and Rolex.



These really good people and down to earth photographers, showed me faith and trust to work as one of their assistants on portrait


sessions all over the United States and Europe, with a wide range of interesting people:


Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Robert de Niro, Frank Black, Calvin Klein, Julianne Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Yo-Yo Ma, Jennifer Connelly,


Martin Scorsese, Daniel Day Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Lange, Tom Wilkinson, Sophie Marceau, Mike Nichols, among many others.

I was even cleared by the Secret Service in order to do my job as assistant on a Vogue portraitsession of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, 


photographed by Brigitte Lacombe. This was in Plains, Georgia - the hometown of former President Jimmy Carter.



All in all it was hard work and extremely rewarding to be working on the elite level in the industry.


I returned to Denmark after nearly 3 years in New York City. On the way I stopped in Paris for 6 months.


Alongside commissions for Max France and others, I also worked with Ellen von Unwerth for Guess, I.D and Vogue Italia.



Since then, I´ve been based in my native Denmark, working on art projects and commissions as photographer.

The combined result is a long list of commercial, editorial and fine art references with a large number of international awards.

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Art Projects and Wall Decorations

 Most photographs on this site are available as prints. I also do corporate identity images and custom decor assignments.

Awards and Nominations


I´m honored to have received the Grand Prize of American Photographic Artists among many nominations and awards:

Cannes Lions   ·   International Photography Awards   ·   Prix de la Photographie Paris   ·   Epica   ·   Aurora   ·   Creative Circle Award


Exhibition References

Museum of Modern Art, New York City   ·   Association of Photographers, London   ·   McCulloch Gallery, Melbourne

Danish Design Center, Copenhagen   ·   Farmani Gallery, New York City   ·   Oliver Gordon Gallery, Toronto






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