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Personal Web Design  

I´m offering secure, full service, web design solutions, with personal administration in english and danish.

With me as personal web designer you always talk to the same person, who understands your website and your needs.


I can also deliver quality archive photographs, create new images for your site or recommend a photographer near you. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology estimates that as little as 13 milliseconds are sufficient to recognise even unfamiliar 


images. Your mind quickly shapes an opinion of what you look at, why images and visual communication is crucial for succes.

Maybe the estimate of 13 milliseconds goes for web design as well, do you look decent online ?

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I have used the same design platform for over 10 years without any problems, which gives you a very high level of security.


Based in Denmark, with a global mindset and a clean Scandinavian design approach. 


I have worked as Photographer for over 20 years, won international awards, lived and worked in New York City and Paris.

My eyes have seen a lot and I have a good sense of what´s going on in design and online marketing.

Let me design and build a visual strong website for you, with full service maintenance, as if it was my own.

Marketing is an option to push your site forward, find more info here on my marketing experiences.


Photography is very powerful communication, your visuals tells a lot about your business, don´t save your money here.

Homemade amateur looking smartphone photos are not doing much good for your professional service, brand or product.

I will do what I can, with all my experiences from visual communication, design and marketing to make your website succesful !

Get a nice transparent offer


Please tell me what you need ?

Design, production and prices

I work with serious clients, who understands good quality takes time.

Promo Card  ·  your online business card, a very basic and well designed website, starting at € 1.000.

Business  ·  professional website solution with basic functions, one language and up to 5 menupoints, starting at € 2.000. 

Business Extended  ·  extra functions, menupoints, pages, languages and more - get a nice tailored offer.

You will always get a separate offer on professional images delivered by me for your website.

Production time is no more than 30 days, normally within 10 - 20 days, depending on design, functions and number of pages.

When your website is done there is a € 50 monthly service agreement to cover hosting, domain and my care for your website.

The service agreement will be charged for 4 months at a time, paid up front. Your analytical report will follow invoicing.

All prices are tax included.​

Why is service agreement a good idea ?

There is no binding of your service agreement.

Avoid technical issues you can´t fix yourself, enjoy a stabil and secure web site running smooth.

I will maintain and take care of your website, as if it was my own, for just € 50 a month.

Good advice on promotion, social media and marketing is also part of your plan.

Your website will always appear fresh and updated !

Full service agreement includes

·  analytical report every 4. month, with in depth insight of your visitors behaviour, without use of cookies.

·  transparent agreement without any hidden fees, everything is agreed on forehand, you will always know what to pay.

·  free suggestions over time on updates of your website, in order to create more visibility and succes.

·  free advice on marketing, social media, online advertising and growth.

·  personal support by me via email, you will always have contact with the same person.

·  small updates of text, images and video.

·  free advice on all content, I have always worked with visual expression and won international awards as Photographer.

·  general administration and maintenance, your website will be taken care of as if it was my own.

·  mobile friendly website, working on all platforms.

·  SEO with optimal text and keywords for the best possible Google ranking.

·  hosting of your website on a stable and secure server.

·  secure https domain, the name of your new website.

·  no binding, unsubscribe anytime.

·  your website can always be moved to a new administrator, should you not be happy with my services.

Testimonials   ·  read about client experiences


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