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I have over 20 years of experience with marketing from various projects, mainly online for the past 10 years.


As Photographer I have worked with very talented art directors from agencies like: BBDO, DDB and Ogilvy, to name a few.

We won awards with Amnesty International and BBDO, most notably at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.


I learned a lot from the creative processes of print and web campaigns, I´m here to help with your project.


Free marketing support is part my web design package, with full service maintenance.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology estimates that as little as 13 milliseconds are sufficient to recognise even unfamiliar 


images. Your mind shapes an opinion of what you look at and on social media you then decide to like or not ... 13 milliseconds !

Maybe this estimate goes for online ads and web design as well ?


I can help you with

·  general promotion of your product, brand or service

·  concept development

·  strategy

·  social media with organic growth

·  paid ads, google search and display, facebook, instagram, linkedin, youtube, etc

·  email marketing

·  affiliate marketing

·  project management

·  web design

·  photo research


Just ask or you will never know


Please tell me what you need ?

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